Things I wish I knew

Things I wish I knew

Childbirth is a miraculous experience. You may find yourself lost for words trying to explain it to someone. Sadly, behind the beauty of it all lies a few very uncomfortable things that aren't openly communicated to expecting mothers. So here are four brutally honest things I wish I had known prior to giving birth naturally. 

Perineal cuts

If a babies head is too large and a mother struggles to push the baby out of the vaginal canal, a small incision is made to the perineum to avoid tearing (yes, tearing is a thing too!!) Stitches take around 4 weeks to heal and it can be quite uncomfortable to sit down or walk. There is literally nothing in Sri Lanka available to clean or take-care of the area post-birth. The Soothing Perineal Mist by Smoobie was developed to address this issue. It helps mums prep their perineum by nourishing the area, making it less likely to tear during delivery. It also has anti-bacterial properties which help treat and soothe the area post-birth. 

Horrible Haemorrhoids 

These generally erupt pre and post-partum due to hormonal changes in the body. Going to the loo can actually feel like giving birth and are a literal pain-in-the-ass! Due to the limitations that pregnancy and/or breastfeeding has on ones ability to take medication, there are little to no treatments available. This is why the Smoobie Soothing Perineal Mist was developed to ease the discomfort of haemorrhoids experienced during pregnancy and afterwards. Just spray it on directly to help soothe your bum. 

Spare time

A good-fats diet and a pumping schedule is the secret to producing a consistent and healthy supply of breastmilk. Simultaneous to breastfeeding, regular pumping every 2-3 hrs is essential to maintain a good milk supply and avoid engorged breasts and mastitis! You need to keep pumping, even if nothing is coming out. This tricks your body into thinking that your baby needs more milk and kick-starts your body to produce more breastmilk. Consistency is KEY and thus, you need A LOT of spare time to maintain this.

Nipple Blisters

These are painful white blisters on the nipple that form due to a baby's poor latch or not using the right pumping flange. The Miracle Nipple Cream was developed to help soothe and treat such blisters. Freezing a water-filled Silicone Pouch can also help numb the discomfort.  But the best way to get rid of these pesky blisters is to pump it out!
Everyone's birthing experience is different but if you are well prepared, you will be able to navigate it a whole lot easier. Take it from me - I was far from prepared!!
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