• Menstrual Underwear

    "It is the most effective period underwear ever! No leaks with a heavy flow, no more sleeping at attention or using cloth over the bedsheet to protect from spills"

    - Nidhi

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  • The Mælk

    "I'm blown away! I pumped enough [breastmilk] in 10 mins and was actually able to burp and change the baby whilst doing it! Thank you so much"

    - Tehani

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  • Lacti-Catch

    "To all new moms and moms-to-be! Go get this and thank me later"

    - Pinky

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  • The Oobie

    "Will definitely reccomend this product to all my friends"

    - Anonymous

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  • The Mælk

    "I started using the Smoobie [silicone] breast pump and I just wanted to let you know, IT IS SUCH A LIFESAVER! I was having issues breastfeeding so I decided to pump. It worked soo well for me and I'm so relieved"


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  • My Nanny

    "This [baby monitor] has been a life-saver during my baby's sleep training journey. I'm so paranoid and I'm relieved to know that I can always check on her."

    - Safiya

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