Guess what mama, you have a say!

Guess what mama, you have a say!

Surprisingly most women in Sri Lanka are unaware that there is such thing called a Birth Plan. This is because most expecting mother's are told which birthing avenue they should take based on what works best with a doctors schedule. Well, you have a say too, even though things may not go according to plan in the end. 

What is a Birth Plan you ask? Essentially, a Birth Plan is a record of what you would like to happen during your labour and after the birth. You can include any information that you deem vital to make your birthing experience a comfortable one.

What should you include in your Birth Plan?

Here a list of things to consider when drafting your Birth Plan. 

  1. Your preferred mode of delivery. A vaginal birth or C-Section?
  2. Who you would like to be with you for support during the delivery
  3. Cultural factors 
  4. Where you would like to have your baby 
  5. Pain relief options
  6. Positions for labour and giving birth
  7. Your preferences for skin-to-skin contact with your baby - note: dads can be included too!
  8. How your partner can support you
  9. What you would like to happen after your baby is born — for example, staying with you and not being separated

There is no specific time to discuss your Birth Plan with your doctor but it is advisable to discuss it with them during your second trimester. Conversations between you and your doctor give insights into the labour and birth which is important to you.

An important advantage of a Birth Plan is that it helps you prepare for having a baby. Sitting down and making a written record can help you focus attention on what’s really important. It can also be a good way to initiate conversations between yourself and your doctor if you have not met before. 


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